Fun Family Game!

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I had plans to run a really fun pin knockdown game this spring.  I figured we could adjust the game to  play it at home!

In the gym, we were going to use hula hoops, and bowling pins.  We don’t have these at home, so we improvised.  We used painters tape and 2 liter bottles instead. There are two teams, you could adjust based on the amount of people you have interested in playing.  Since there are four of us at home, it made for an easy 2v2 match up.  It’s structured much like corn-hole.

Using painters tape, I made a square scoring zone for each team.  The sides of the square were 22 inches, which I think I will make a little bigger next time.  The squares were about 15-20 feet apart from each other.  In the center of each square we had an empty 2 liter bottle.  From there, we tested out different balls to roll/throw at the empty bottles.  To begin the game, you stand next to your partner.  The first person rolling/throwing attempts to knock down the empty bottle on the other side.  You have to stay behind the front of the box on your teams side. After the attempt is made, a member from the opposing team takes a turn and you continue to alternate.


1 point if you knock down the bottle

2 points if you are able to knock down the bottle and have the ball remain in the box


We played until one team was able to make 11 points, having to win by 2.  The scoring can always be adjusted.

We had a variety of ball options, including a softer yarn ball, a spike ball, and a larger nubby ball (ones that come from arcade grabs).

Jessica and I favored the yarn ball and the kids usually used the larger one.  J & C took game 1 while C and I won game 2.  We all had a blast playing!! This will be one that we play often during our time at home.




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