Breathing Practice

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There has been a lot of stress here in this household with the fear of the coronavirus and the uncertainty of how long we will be quarantined, so G has requested a coping skills curriculum.  Day One, we reviewed all of our favorite breathing exercises.

Here are our top 8:

You can download these breathing cards for free HERE

We practiced each of these and then shared which were our favorite.  We talked about what would be a safe space in the house for each of them to use to calm down.  They each picked a spot, G her room, C the recycling closet 😉  I had them go to their space to practice their favorite breath.

To make it more individualized, for our Day Two curriculum, I folded a piece of paper into 4’s and had them draw their top breaths they remembered from the day before. I was really happy to see that they did remember them and could show me how to do them.

Here is C, breathing in deeply with his hands on his stomach to fill his “balloon”

As they remembered their favorites, I had them draw a picture for each.

Then the cut them out and taped them up in their safe space!

I hope some of these breaths might work for your kiddos!  This is an important time to help them feel safe and calm and breathing might just be that tool!





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