Bunchems … Favorite Fidget #10

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Hooray!  If you are reading this, we made it through all 10 of my favorite fidgets!!   Here is the last of the 10 – Bunchems!  These little velcro balls are so exciting because they stick together on all surfaces to allow for some amazing creations, like this one here —

These little fidgets come in a variety of packs and colors; some geared toward building something specific and others to using your imagination.  I like the spiky texture and that holding just a couple allows for subtle fidgeting.  Building and creating with this interesting textures can appeal to the senses and keep hands and mind busy!  If this texture is preferred for your kiddo (or yourself) putting some sticky back Velcro under a desk can allow for a discreet regulation tool with a similar feeling!

My kids gave their review of these Bunchems;

C (4): spiky, prickly, sticks to your hair!, 100

G (7): spiky, movable, attachable, 10

C gave some proof that is does stick to your hair!

and G made a patterned chain that she was quite excited about.

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