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We had a cooking class in 8th grade where I remember feeling quite proud of a recipe in which we rolled up a crescent roll around chocolate chips and baked it!  I found a package of crescent rolls in our fridge, so a challenge presented itself!  The kiddos are always asking “can we make a recipe?” and then filling bowls with pepper and salt and flour and cocoa powder and many other miscellaneous items and asking me to bake it…  I love giving them that independence to explore mixing and pouring, but I also want them to make something that we can actually take out of the oven, eat, and have them feel successful.

So, I presented them with a challenge.  They had to make two roll-ups that we could eat for a meal, and two that we could eat for a dessert.  They could use anything they could find to roll in their crescent, and then we would bake them and share them.

Of course, they dug out the candy!  The “dessert” roll-ups were filled with starbursts, tootsie rolls, swedish fish, and a cookie.  But they were a bit more thoughtful about the “meal” roll-ups, in the end, stuffing them with bologna, raisins, cereal, and creamed corn!

We baked them for 12 minutes, and overall the kids gave great reviews! They were able to make something they felt proud of while still using their own creativity for the recipe!  Top votes for the creamed corn “meal” roll-up and the cookie “dessert roll-up.

**One tip** – the starburst melted and overflowed their roll, burning and sticking to the pan, so you might want to avoid this type of ingredient 😉



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