Extra Time for CHORES :)

We are really hot and cold with our chore chart and holding kiddos accountable for household responsibilities, so decided that this is the perfect time to get back on our chore game!  We made it simple with our white board, listing the chores and days of the week.  The kids are responsible for putting their G or C in the box after they accomplish the task.  At the end of the week, we add all of their letters up and they get a small, but motivating, stipend!

Chores may seem tedious for kids, but there are so many great benefits, so its worth the groans and eye rolls!  Plus, once they realize that they can earn money, they get a bit more motivated!

So why chores?


Picking chores that offer opportunities for heavy work can meet two objectives!  1. getting the chores done and 2. self-regulation.  By using the muscles and joints in our bodies, our brain gets comforting information about where the body is in space helping us to feel more grounded.  Think about how good you feel after you clean the house!  This is partially because the act of scrubbing, pushing, and lifting is grounding for your body!  Here are some chores that will provide the most heavy work for kiddos:

Carrying laundry


Picking up toys, heavy ones!

Sweeping, especially on hands on knees

Putting away groceries – carrying heavy bags, sorting cans

Washing windows

Cleaning anything on hands and knees – dusting, washing tabletop/counters, scrubbing floors

Feeling proud of the clean table – scrubbing on hands and knees for some heavy work!


Doesn’t it feel good when you finish cleaning?!  All that scrubbing and tidying not only helps us to feel regulated, but it also gives us a sense of pride.  After the kiddos straighten up their rooms, they most often come out so thrilled for us to see.  They feel so proud when we ask them to help with sweeping the floor and commend them for a good job, or notice them clearing their bowls from the table after breakfast and thank them.  Making a chore chart provides them with reminders of items they can do around the house, which then allows us to offer more positive praise!  Especially now, being in the house, this is a simple way for us to help them to continue feeling good and confident.

Life Skills

Chores will help your children to become more independent.  One day, they will be adults, and isn’t it our job to help them to be functional adults?!  So getting them to pitch in with dishes, laundry, and tidying now will help them to develop skills they will need throughout their life.  Of course it is important to think about what types of chores are age appropriate.



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