Flow Ring … Favorite Fidget #4

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Working with sensory based coping strategies for over eleven years, I like to think that I am pretty knowledgeable about my fidgets, but this awesome tool snuck right up on me!  I was working with a social worker recently and we were heading up to her office to grab some things we needed for a meeting, including a few fidgets.  She was really excited to show me this new fidget she had picked up.  I was immediately mesmerized by this FLOW RING!  


So this ring starts out flat, then springs out.  And if you put your arm into the ring, the middle flower shape forms around you!  As you move your arm, it twirls up and down with you.  Lock your hands its it will travel down one arm and up the other.  Great for focus and fun as you can see below!

For me the flow ring had amazing movement and also provided a good tickling with a comforting squeeze as it traveled up and down my arms.  It also felt cold!  That cooling is a rare option in fidgets (other than those that we store in the freezer) that can really help when stress and anxiety lead to feeling overheated.

Here is the family review –

C (4) – fast, spoingy (a new vocab word? 😉 ), pumpkin-shaped, 9

G (6) – tickly, shiny, cool, 10

O – fun, slinky, magic, 9

Definitely a winner here!  I hope you like it as much as we do!!

You can find it here – –

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