Girl Scout Cookie Taste Test!

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We love taste tests here in our household, and with G completing her first year as a Girl Scout,she wanted to order one box of each to improve her entrepreneur skills!  Secretly, I was excited about having one of each box in the house, 1. of course, because they are delicious, but 2. because I thought this would make for an excellent taste taste!  This was their first time trying most of the cookies!

So we printed out our taste test chart – this gives an opportunity to practice mindful eating by really focusing on all the tastes and texture of each piece.  Then they get to right down their guess and rate each item they ate.  You can download my taste test chart for free HERE.

I lined up all of our choices, no Samoas 🙁 those are my favorite!

Then I cut each in half and had them close their eyes, as they tasted.

They each filled out a sheet, talking about tastes and textures, then looking at the form to help make their best guess.  The ratings went a little crazy, starting at 1 – 10, and ending with some cookies at 1,000,000,000!

Then they got to pick their favorite to have in the end.

C selected the Toffee-tastic, which ended up being my favorite too!  And G after much deliberating decided on the Trefoil.

If you want to try another taste test – here is another idea

Happy Tasting!  If you try this, comment and share and let us know how it went!

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