Glow Bath Party

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I have been saving glow sticks for a long time to do a glow bath with the kids!  They put their bathing suits/shorts on so they could sit/stand in the tub last evening and we had a blast!  I filled the tub with warm water and bubbles and we put the glow sticks at the bottom.  They were amazed to see how much it glowed.  We splashed around a bit and put on some music to dance and shake the glow sticks.  It was a great sensory experience to feel the warm water and watch the rhythmic movement and glow of the sticks.

We then started to play some games in the bath with the glow sticks.  We encouraged them to come up with some games and they were very creative!

Ring Pass – we each held one stick and saw how quickly we could pass a glow bracelet around our circle without dropping it

Ring Toss – we tossed a bracelet in the air and tried to catch it with our stick

Fishing – we put the bracelets at the bottom of the tub and used our glow sticks to try to pick them up

Everyone dried off and changed into pj’s for some more glow game!

Grab the Bracelet – all but one of us had on a glow bracelet.  We played a tag game where the person who was not wearing a bracelet had to chase the others and steal their bracelet.  This ended up being really fun and had us on the floor laughing!

Glow Hide and Seek – we kept the lights off in the house and played dark hide and seek.  The glow bracelet was the clue to finding someone.  This was a bit more challenging and the kids did turn on the lights to find us, but it was fun and slowed us down a bit after Grab the Bracelet

We had so much fun that we went on amazon and bought more glow sticks for next time!

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See what fun glow games you can come up with as a family!

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