Gratitude Gravel

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As cold weather is approaching and outdoor visits and activities are limited, I can see the change in attitude and mood in my family.  We thoroughly enjoyed our summer and took full advantage of being able to work from home and spend more time together this summer.  (So much time, that we took a break from the blog 🙂 ) But now there is this looming feeling as we wonder what toll these months will have on our mental health.

At this time, it is really important to take a minute to reflect on what is important and express GRATITUDE for what we have!

The ugly patch before…

We have this really ugly patch in our front yard where a jungle of weeds bursts out each summer and totally drives me nuts!  (Our neighbors too – they love pointing it out 😉  I only wish I had a picture to show the magic of these weeds in the summer)  I have been planning to fill the area with gravel to stunt the weeds’ growth, so decided this was the perfect time to enhance the space while considering GRATITUDE —

…getting a makeover

and so we created our GRATITUDE GRAVEL!

We dug out the area, transported gravel and filled the area — lots of heavy work!  And we did it on a day with some sad and intense emotion so after all that muscle work, our spirits were a bit higher 🙂

We painted stones throughout the week.  It was a nice way to recognize what is important instead of focusing on some of the things we are missing.  Our plan is to continue to add to the garden and also invite family and friends to expand with their own additions of gratitude!

We sprayed the rocks to seal and weatherproof them.  We used this acrylic spray —

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Voila!  Here is our Gratitude Gravel!!  G was so excited to help put this together.  She has big plans to make a sign and invite others to join.  I am excited to see what this little project becomes!

Here are some of our masterpieces up close:


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