Pillow Sandwich

You can see from our posts lately, that we have been taking advantage of this time at home for some fun family activities.  But as fun as it has been, it has still been stressful and emotional for the kids given the fear and uncertainty.  We have seen some quick changes in mood and stronger emotions over the past month.  My go-to for regulation is always DEEP PRESSURE, you can learn more about why HERE.

So today when emotions were very high, I broke out my favorite trick – the PILLOW SANDWICH!

First, I put one pillow down – for the bread.  Then have the kiddo lay on top.

Next I give some joint compressions, by pushing and pulling at fingers, wrists, elbows, knees and ankles, and pushing down lightly on shoulders and head.  If you are not comfortable or sure how to give joint compressions, you can give a nice massage to provide the deep pressure.

Now we talk about toppings!  What does your kiddo want on their sandwich – mayo, mustard, bologna, tomatoes, cheese, etc.  Let them pick.  Today we actually went for an ice cream sandwich!  So instead of bread – we used cookies, then G was chocolate ice cream, and we added peanut butter cups and hot fudge!  She sure sounded delicious!

Then I topped her off with the last cookie, and squished the sandwich together.  First with pressure from hands, and with permission, more pressure.

And then of course, I tried to eat her, and it had us both laughing and quickly forgetting about what it was that was so upsetting in the first place.

C came in and joined the sandwich fun, and they came up with some pretty creative sandwiches!

Yes C is in that sandwich!

After we finished, G asked if we could do this again tomorrow!  So definitely sandwich success!

Let me know how it works for you, and what toppings your family comes up with.



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