Reindeer Tube Sock Neck Wrap

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I had a group of kids recently beg me to make tube sock neck wraps.  This is a project that we do ALL THE TIME, so I decided that I needed to add a spin.  And so, the Reindeer Tube Sock Neck Wrap was born!

Our local dollar tree had these perfect socks and I had a stash of felt, so we got to work.


We cut shapes from the felt to make eyes, nose, and antlers.  We then hand-sewed the shapes on.  Hand-sewing is such a great skill to learn so I often incorporate this into activities!  This sewing task was a little tricky because we had to be sure that we only sewed through the surface layer of the sock.



Next we made our filling – rice, cloves and cinnamon!  I found inexpensive cinnamon sticks and cloves along with the rice at the local Price Rite.  We cut the cinnamon sticks into small pieces using scissors, then mixed the cinnamon pieces and cloves in with 1 – 2 lbs or rice, depending on preference.


We poured our mixture into our sock and hand stitched them up.  My group were sewing pros by now and were quite proud of their work!

To finish it off, I added a mouth to mine.  I felt like he was missing a smile!  And now he is complete:










These little reindeer neck wraps can go into the microwave for up to two minutes.  With the smell and warmth, they certainly promote relaxation!  Neck wraps also add deep touch pressure for an added benefit.

In finishing this project, my group;

1. felt proud of their work leading to improved self-esteem and sense of mastery

2. worked on a fine motor skill and important life skill – sewing!

3. created a tool that they can use for coping and regulation

All while having fun, of course!  I hope you enjoyed this post and are inspired to make your own reindeer pal. And feel free to get creative and cut your felt to make any character or design you like!

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