Science with G: Dancing Match Sticks

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G is a little scientist and luckily had taken this book out of the library called “Cool Science Tricks” before we were home bound.
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We flipped through and found a trick to make matchsticks dance without touching them and thought that seemed exciting!

For this trick you need:

2 wine glasses

2 matchstick



Fill each glass 1/4 full (make sure the two glasses are filled with the same amount of water), wet your finger and practice making a sound wave.

On one of the glasses, with your wet finger, and rubbed it around the edge until you hear a ringing sound

This creates a sound wave!

Once you have a hang of making the ring, balance the matchsticks on the second glass.

Now, make the ringing sound again and slide your glass towards the glass with the matchsticks. This should make the second glass start to vibrate and make the match sticks dance!

Our matchstick danced so much, it fell right off the glass!  This all happens because the sound waves traveled from one glass to the other.

It took us a few times to get it right, so be patient!  and have fun!

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