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Got some alka-seltzer tabs hanging around?  There are so many experiments that you can do with them.  And Alka-seltzer actually has a page on their website for experiments –

Here is our first of many experiments with alka-seltzer (this one is not listed on their website)

The Lava Lamp

Materials needed – water, cooking oil (we used vegetable), food coloring, alka-seltzer tab  (this project could still be cool without the alka-seltzer)

We filled our bottle about 1/4 full of water

Then added vegetable oil, almost to the top.  Just leave some room for food coloring and the reaction to occur (so it doesn’t overflow)

Next put in about 10 drops of food coloring.  Wait for the food coloring to settle through to the oil and into the water at the bottom.

Here is a great opportunity to talk about water and oil.  Ask questions about why do you think they do not mix?  Do you think water or oil is heavier?  What do you think would happen if we shook the bottle?  You can even have them record their predictions!

Now, that the food coloring has settled, comes the fun!  Add the alka-seltzer tab and watch in amazement!

We played with the bottle for the whole day, letting is settle then adding in more food coloring or alka-seltzer.  It was fun to make predictions and see what happened.  We definitely overflowed the bottle when we added two alka-seltzer tabs at once 🙂

If you do not have alka-seltzer.  Let them have fun shaking up the bottle and turning the bottle on its side to see what happens!





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