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As an OT, I have been making slime since the “olden days” before there was slime activator 😉  Recently G and C had a play date, with a little slime-making expert!  They had planned (without telling me) that they would make slime on the visit, luckily, we have our go-to slime making tools on hand.  When I carried the supplies to the table, the little slime expert said “where is the activator?”  I told her I had a magic activator called Sta-Flo liquid starch!

So we set to work…

First we added a 1/2 cup of Elmer’s School Glue

We added several drops of food coloring, stirred and added, several times until we had an approved color.

Next, and this is the important part that is often missed, we GRADUALLY added 1/4 cup of Sta-Flo

We added a little, stirred a little and continued until all of the liquid starch was incorporated.  At this point, it might look a little “brainy” or stringy.  Let it sit a few minutes and stir again.  Once it appears combined, its time to pick it up and knead!

After a bit of kneading, if its still too sticky, add liquid starch.  If its still stringy, add a bit of glue.  This is the part that kids love – experimenting!  It meets kids inner drive to mix and measure and learn.  This is why slime making is such a great STEM activity!

Now you can get creative!   On this day, their idea was to make a different slime for each season.  Our favorite was winter – where we added glitter, peppermint essential oil, and the small styrofoam balls that we had used earlier in the day to make snow globes.

I even learned a great tip from my little slime-guest!  and that is lotion!   Adding lotion, in small increments (C and G went a little lotion crazy when they learned the secret) can help cut down on the stickiness.  It can also add a nice scent!

In the end, slime making;

  1. meets that innate need to experiment and measure – STEM
  2. provides a sense of mastery and accomplishment upon completion of the slime
  3. offers a sensory tool that can be used for regulation

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