Spring Sprouts

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We have been taking a lot of nature walks lately, walking slowly, making observations and taking pieces of nature back home to our “collection”.  C was fascinated to find an acorn that was split and there was “something” coming out of it!  This offered a great opportunity to talk about seeds and he was so surprised to learn that a sprout would come out an acorn to create an oak tree.

Each year we plant seedlings and watch them sprout and grow.  We buy the indoor greenhouse with pellets and have great success!
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But I realized that this activity does not show the very beginning stages of growth.  Several years back, when G was at this curious stage, we did an activity where we started seeds in a clear bottle so we could observe the initial sprout.  I went back and found this picture of her and we planned the activity again and made predictions to make it more of a challenge.

For this seed activity, you need a clear bottle with the top cut off, paper towels, and seeds.


1. Wet the paper towels and fill the bottle, with some wiggle room for the seeds to slide in

2. Select several seeds, and fit them with some space in between around the bottle.  You can use a tool like a skewer to help place them where you want

3. Label each seed.  We wrote with Sharpie on the bottle.

4. Place in the sun and observe!

To be more involved in the process we made predictions.  Each kiddo picked 5 seeds and guessed how many days it would take to see the beginning of the sprout and ranked which they thought would be tallest to smallest.  They had clues because we had already planted our seedlings, so they were able to make an educated guess!

Day 7 of our seedlings, cucumber and summer squash are the tallest!

We have been checking in daily to see if their predictions come true!

I will post photo updates later once we have some sprouts 🙂


UPDATE: Here are our sprouts 10 days later 🙂

UPDATE: Here is our BEANSTALK 14 days later!



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