Squash It … Favorite Fidget #3

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Really excited here to review this favorite fidget – The Squash It!  

This was a teen favorite at some of the programs that I worked in.  I brought them home for the review with my whole family and like last time, I gave one to each, my husband included this time, and asked them to describe the experience in three words and then rate the tool on scale of 1 – 10.

C (4) – squishy, fast, quick, 9

G (6) – darting, squishing, fun to watch, bubbly, beautiful, 10

O – entertaining, pressure, feels like a video game controller, press to get visual stimuli (ok, I interpreted that from what he said), 8.7

So overall, this was a big hit in our house!  We felt that squeezing was a good stress reliever because it takes a bit of pressure to move the bubbles from side to side.  It also gives you something to watch, so it can serve as a visual distraction when feeling overwhelmed or anxious.  G even came up with a challenge – try to get all the bits of sparkle to one side.  This was fun and took some focus to achieve.  They also had fun looking through the colored circles and piling them on top of each other to make new colors.  These fidgets are quiet too, so could work well in a classroom.  My sister-in-law stopped by while we were playing with them and she took a few to try out in her 8th grade classroom.  I am excited to hear the update and review from her students!


Here’s where I get them –>

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