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Perhaps you have one of these awesome United States puzzles?  (If not, see below for an alternative to make your own United States puzzle.)

We had G and C put this puzzle together, talking about each state as they put it in.  We told them to play close attention to the states from New England and we were going to “quiz” them after.  We talked about things for each of the New England states to help them remember – beach vacation in Maine, smallest state – Rhode Island, trees in VT, etc.

Then we googled New England states coloring sheet and printed two out, one for each kid.

For the quiz, we gave them instructions such as choose your favorite color and fill Massachusetts, draw a beach scene on Maine, put stripes on New Hampshire.  G was able to do this on her own, and C had an “open book” keeping the puzzle in view.

We are going to do this once a week and choose a different part of the country for each quiz!

If you do not have a US map puzzle, you can print a page with the whole United State and have them color it, cut it up, and make their own puzzle!  We will definitely be making our own puzzles at some point, so we can share directions for this activity when we come to it!

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