Teaching Skills for Self-Regulation: SOOTHE

The first portion of this post focused on CO-REGULATION and how adults are an important tools in helping kids to calm and soothe.  Now let’s talk about other tools!  If you missed the previous post, read HERE first.

A big part of my career has been focused on sensory tools for self-regulation and coping, hence the blog 🙂  And I have found that most tools can be organized into four categories – SOOTHING, FOCUSING, MOVING, and RELAXING.  So when searching for what tools your kiddo needs, you can think about these categories.


SOOTHE tools can provide naturally regulating inputs.  A need for deep pressure and proprioception is built into our bodies.  How great do you feel when you are stressed and someone gives you a hug?  That hug provides you with deep touch pressure and proprioception and help you calm and regulate.  How about climbing under your covers, or even better a weighted blanket!?  The weight of the blankets provides the body with deep touch pressure.  Or last, does going for a run or lifting weights help you to feel more calm and in control?  These muscle work activities provide the body with proprioception!  These SOOTHING sensations are perfect for our kiddos (and adults) who:

  • get easily frustrated
  • become upset when things do not go according to plan
  • act out when angry – throwing, hitting, biting
  • appear clumsy

Here are two soothe tools to make – Chew Necklace, Weighted Blanket

Here is the latest SOOTHE tools we bought for home – The Body Sock

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I love the body sock and every program that I ever worked in had at least 2 or 3.  This is a stretchy lycra rectangular suit that you can climb into and press against.  Lycra offers a lot of resistance – so offers a lot of deep touch pressure and proprioception!!  A great tool for self-regulation!!  So considering I find it to be so helpful at work, it was about time we got one for home 😉


There are many ways to use the body sock!

  1. Climb in the body sock and push against it with hands, feet, arms, legs and feel the resistance.  Have the child pay attention to how it feels to add a bit of mindfulness
  2. Work on body awareness – the pressure can help one to “feel” his or her body more.  Try having the child copy your body in different positions, or complete different yoga poses
  3. Use the body sock as a safe space.  The body sock can help to block out some sounds and sights, while also offering that calming resistance.

Here is the C and G 3 word review —

C (4) blocking [face], bendy, squishy 1000 out of 10 😉

G (7) stretchy, silky, awesome 10 out of 10

We are creating our own calm down, quiet space and this tool is starting off our area…making this the Tool of the Month!!

In the next post, I will fill you in on some MOVE tools!



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