The 10 Best Fidgets!

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I have spent the last two Tool of the Month sessions sharing all of my favorite fidgets!  So now, I want to hear from you!  Did you get to try any, do you already have some of these?  What is your favorite?  Any suggestions of something that I have not shared?  Please comment on this or any of the other fidget posts.  If you are still looking to get a few fidgets, click on the images below!  I can’t wait to hear from you!


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To read my review of each tool, click on the tool name below;


Kinetic Sand



Water Beads

Wacky Trax

Wikki Stix

Flow Ring

Squash It

Marble Fidget

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  1. Snap and click and marble fidget are fan favorites in my 7th grade ELA class. Students love them, and I love how quiet they are! Thanks for sharing!

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