The Tangle … Favorite Fidget #8

Tangles are one of those fidget that you cannot put down!  It can twist and turn and be manipulated in many different ways.  This is a common tool that I see on clinician’s desks.  I have observed so many individuals – staff and clients alike – walk into an office and instinctively pick up the tangle.  Having the tangle (or other fidget) in hand seems to put the holder at ease so they can better access the thinking part of the brain.  Tangles come in a different sizes and textures to appeal to many different audiences.  Ours was the textured tangle jr!

Here are the words C, G, and O came up with to describe the tangle;

C (4) twicky [so many new vocab words 😉 ], wacky, connective.  And his score — 17

G (7!) ((she just celebrated a birthday, hence why there was a week break in between posts – I totally love party planning!)) wiggly, fidgety, squiggly, 10

O – manipulative, unpredictable, flow-y, 8.3

Another thing I forgot to mention above, is each piece can come apart, so you can add several tangles together or make many small tangles!!

Get your own tangles by clicking below!

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