Theme Week!

As the days are dragging and all blending together, we decided we needed something to make each day special.  We made a list of possible theme days and then picked some favorites for our first theme week.  We posted on social media and shared with friends and family so others could join in and we could all feel more connected!  It was really successful;, the kids grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, school friends, and family friends all got involved.  We got pictures texted or posted to social media throughout the day, helping us feel like we are all in this together!  It made the days pass by more quickly with more laughs and focus on the plan for the day, rather than the uncertainty of the week/month/or more…

Here is how our week went:

Monday –  Favorite Color


Tuesday – Sports Team Pride

Wednesday – Crazy Hair

Thursday – Prom with Fancy Dinner

This was definitely our favorite theme day! – from dancing to some real classics 😉 from when we graduated from high school, to letting the kiddos drink tea from our china cups, to dressing up and taking typical prom photos.  The whole evening was a blast!

Friday – was supposed to be dress like your favorite character/animal, but we had so much fun at prom, Friday turned into pajama day!  And we feel like that is okay.  There is no pressure to actually follow through with these as long as each day feels special!

So what themes might you come up with?  We have another week planned and so far we are thinking – career day, dress like your favorite book character, twin day… Let me know what you come up with and how your theme days go!



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