Wacky Tracks … Favorite Fidget #6

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Wacky Tracks are a great affordable fidget, with movement, sound, and bright patterns!  Each clicking piece can move into several different positions to allow for creation of a variety of shapes.  We worked very hard to get this hexagon shape!


Although not necessarily ideal for the classroom, I like fidgets that make a bit of noise.  It allows the individual to create a rhythm with their hands that they can also hear and anticipate.  Rhythm and repetition can be very calming and regulating.

And for the family review:

C (4): stretchy, rainbow, yellowish, 9

G (6): happy, beautiful, colorful, fun to move, 9

O: clicky, versatile, manipulative, 6  — perhaps because he is not a fan of the clicking noise that I love so much 😉

To get your own set of Wacky Tracks – click HERE

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