Water Beads … Favorite Fidget #7

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Orbeez, water beads, sooper beads, call them what you like, these little expanding balls lead to endless fun!  They start as tiny seeds… and as soon as water is added, they immediately start to expand!  They will expand for up to 6 hours, looking something like this

Water beads have always been one of the most desired prizes in the OT prize box.  Just a small handful can overflow a cup!!  They are such a great sensory tool for touch, sight, and focus!  They give a cool sensation and if you fill a deep bucket or table, can offer some deep pressure input.  Hiding small items amongst the water beads can make for a fun searching game!  Good for visual distraction and tactile discrimination. (Click HERE for more details on specifics of sensory bins)

C had a bug-themed birthday party this year, so we filled our water table with green and yellow water beads and many plastic and rubbery bugs.  The kids had a blast digging up to their elbows for bugs.  (For a whole other sensory experience, we also had a mud table filled with real bugs!  But that is for another post…)


Something else we love to with our water beads is pour them into balloons!  These make really excellent stress balls.  Clearly, I could go on forever about all the wonderful things you can do with these little beads!   So, here’s the review:

C(4): breakable, bouncy, slimy, 16  (yes, out of 10!)

G(6): squishy, wet, colorful, 10

O: satisfying, boba-like, fun, 8.5

This is the pack that I always order!  Very inexpensive for A LOT of beads!  Click the image to buy your own!

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