Weaving Goodbye!

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I recently left a job that I really cared about.  It was a good move for me, but I knew how much I would miss that job and the people with whom I built relationships.  I decided to create something so I could take a piece of each one of them with me!  And so I created this “termination” activity called Weaving Goodbye!  I took an old frame that I had, removed the glass and the backing so all that remained was the rectangular frame.  I began tying pieces of black floss one one side of the frame.  I placed them about 1/4″ apart.

After tying on one side, I pulled the floss tight and tied to the other side.  To secure the knots, I added tape to the back.

I cut the ends and voila!  Makeshift loom!

I brought a basket of yarn and ribbon that were meaningful to me.  I asked all of my favorite people that I saw in my last few days at work to grab a piece that spoke to them and weave.  It gave me an opportunity to spend some time, while doing an activity.  It always helps to have an activity to focus on, so I could channel my emotions and not cry with every goodbye.  I will admit that I am a pretty emotional person 🙂

I will forever remember who wove this first piece!

I continued to visit special people and fill the loom.  

It was really moving to see my co-workers engage in the process with creativity and determination to fill the whole loom!  I choose a BIG frame and so I needed a lot of participation!  One lesson I learned for future weaving…. choose a smaller frame 😉  Everyone was excited to see the final project and I was thrilled to have this piece of art to remind me of all the people who have woven themselves into a special part of my life!

Now I have a wonderful conversation piece hanging in my new office, and a way to think fondly of this important time in my past.


This activity allows a lot for processing and giving a way to take something positive from a goodbye.  It could be used for transitioning from a program or home, moving or going away to school, or ending a session with a beloved therapist.  Weaving is therapeutic in itself because it gets your hands and mind working in sync.  It  can also become very rhythmic which lends to self-regulation.  To weave, you simply take a strand and go over, under, over, under and the imperfections only add to the beauty and memory.  Teaching and watching the weaving process certainly helped me to shift my mood and focus my feelings.


Not only did I wave goodbye on my last day, I also got to WEAVE goodbye!  And I am so grateful for that experience.  Thank you to all my participants!!

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