Wikki Stix … Favorite Fidget #5

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I love wikki stix!  They are very versatile and allow creativity!  They are simply thin pieces of yarn covered in wax, so they offer a somewhat tacky texture that is pliable.  They are sold in individual packets which are perfect for travel or adding to a coping kit.  They can also be purchased in bulk to offer in a classroom or a program.

One of my favorite activities that I have completed with wikki stix is a group challenge.  I provide the group with a pile of wikki stix and instruct them to build a road.  They usually start out simple, building a straight road from one end of a table to the other.  Next, I give them each a cotton ball and a straw and see if they can blow their cotton ball down the road.  As the activity goes on, I invite them to challenge themselves and see what kind of a road they can build, while still getting their cotton ball through the path.  I have a fond memory of doing this group with about 8 staff in a residential program.  I often teach activities to staff, so they could then bring it back and do the same with the youth in the program.  These staff got so into the activity, building their path over posters and stacks of books, weaving it back and forth across the table.  It was so fun to watch!  And I know that the more excited staff are about an activity, the more enthusiasm they will bring when doing it with youth.  Consulting and working with many programs for kids and adolescents, staff buy-in is one of the biggest indicators of moving the program culture to one that embraces sensory strategies as tools for self-regulation.

Completing this activity meets so many objectives, such as;

  1. team building
  2. breath control
  3. fine motor manipulation
  4. communication
  5. self-regulation

I have personally made wikki stix roads with pre-school children up to adolescents.  Adjusting the level of difficulty or challenge invites all participants to engage in the activity.

I often keep wikki stix in my purse for my kiddos to use while we are out.  Here are some of their (and my) creations:

Of course, they gave their review and rating:

C (4) sticky, colorful, shapey, 100

G (6) stringy, sticky, fun to play with, 8

The perfect tool for fidgeting, being creative, or focusing!  Click below to get your own set!

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