Yarn Art Mantra

Having a focus word or a “mantra” can help to inspire, elevate, and focus.  I have found many fun and creative ways to find your “word”.  I am excited to be able to share more word finding activities so make sure you SUBSCRIBE!

First up is this Yarn Art Mantra.  Of course, for this one, you already need a word!  I was inspired by the nice weather, finally!  Seeing the buds on the trees and getting to re-pot my seedlings led me to choose G R O W.  I also recently started a new job, so I feel like I have an opportunity to GROW as well.  The kiddos wanted to make slime, of course!, so I took advantage of the newspaper on the table and glue already out, and enjoyed one of my favorite crafts.

This one is very messy!  So best to get everything laid out before you get to work.  The materials you need are Elmer’s glue, yarn, parchment paper, plain paper and a marker.  First write out your bubble letters.  If this is hard, you could always type and print large letters.

Place parchment paper over your letters.

Next you will need to cut your yarn, about 6 – 8 inches a strand.  You will need roughly 8 – 12 strands of yarn per letter.


Now that you have everything set up, it is time to get MESSY!  I love getting messy, but this activity can be a tough one for kids with tactile sensitivities.  I have many ask to use gloves.  It’s always fun though to watch the kids that think they don’t want to get messy, and then end up getting really glue-y and into the project!

Pour out some glue onto a plate, dip each strand in, and squeeze some of the extra off.  Use a couple pieces to outline the letter ,then place onto the parchment however you like to fill the letter.  It’s important to make sure several pieces touch the outside border so that it will be strong and stay together when it is finished.


Leave to dry overnight.  Peel off the parchment paper, string, and display!!

I hope you have as much fun with your Yarn Art Mantra as I did!  Stay tuned for some other inspirational word activities!

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