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We have found that getting out to explore has really broken up our day and given us something to look forward to.  We head into the woods across the street from our house and are thrilled with the opportunity nature lends.

The kiddos immediately start climbing, working on proprioception, body awareness and strength!

Once at the top, they found some long fallen trees to walk along.  How great for balance and the vestibular system!?

They continue to increase their challenge while judging for safety and ability – working on safety and body awareness!

We then have to cross a stream, and their were multiple avenues to get to the other side.  They each made their choice, demonstrating self-efficacy, reflecting their confidence in their ability to accomplish the task.  When returning, they each took a more challenging path increasing self-esteem as they made it successfully!


As we navigated our hike, they were able to point out paths we had taken before and make suggestions for where we should venture this time.  We ended up finding a large pipe that they could crawl the whole way which captivating them for some time!

During each adventuring trip, G and C take turns being the “trailblazer” leading the way and warning the rest of the pack about obstacles along the path.  This allows them to feel empowered to lead and learn responsibility.

Please share what types of adventures you and your family have been on 🙂

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