An Old Classic – Wall Ball!


Some of my favorite childhood memories bring me back to games that we played at recess.  Our school building was pretty old, built in 1896.  One year, part of our recess fun was dodging shingles that randomly fell from the roof.  Recess was right outside of the building, we had a stretch of pavement which was fenced in.  The majority of our recess time, my group of friends and I would play a competitive version of wall ball.  We had a blast playing, it was fun to compete with each other.  We were also getting some good exercise while practicing our hand-eye coordination and throwing skills.

Unfortunately, students at my schools aren’t allowed to play wall ball at recess.  From what I understand, it’s due to the fact that students that are not playing the game might run through and get hurt.  The game itself, if played correctly is totally safe!

We took our kids to a building down the street to teach them, and they absolutely loved it.  Here are the rules that I play with, but modifications can be made!

We have always used a tennis ball, but you can use anything that you have available.  The game begins when one player throws the ball at the wall.  The ball must bounce one time before any other player tries to field it.  If the player attempts to field it, but makes an error, and the ball hits the ground they must run to the wall.  Any other player will then try and pick up the ball, and throw it to the wall before the player who made the error gets there.

This doesn’t need to be competitive at all, and no scoring is necessary.  When we played as kids, any time that we made an error and the ball beat us to the wall, we had an “out”.  When we had three outs, we were eliminated from the game.  In PE, we don’t play games that have students eliminated!  You could have someone that receives three outs do a lap around the playing area to come back into the game, or do an exercise to come back… lots of options!

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    1. Aaryan,

      That’s awesome! It’s really good exercise and improves your hand/eye coordination. I hope that you can find some time to play over break!

      Take Care,

      Mr. O

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