Balloon Stress Balls

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So balloon stress balls seem pretty straight forward, right?  Fill the balloon with some flour, and…. then there is flour EVERYWHERE!   I am so happy to share with you the magic tool:


Tada!  A bottle with the bottom cut off will become your best stress ball making friend.  So grab some household objects and some balloons and get to filling!

Suggested fillers — flour, cornstarch, salt, rice, beads, beans


1. It help to blow up the balloon at first, so its stretched and can be easily filled.  G was happy to help with that part and her skills were quiet impressive!


2. Place the stretched balloon over the lip of the bottomless bottle. 

3. Pour your filler into the bottle and pull the balloon down to fill.  Keep pouring filler into the bottle until your balloon is plump and squeezable.   4. Tie it off.  To make it more secure and less pop-able, cut the lip off of a second balloon and put this filled balloon into another balloon.  Even with the lip cut off, you should still be able to knot this second balloon.  And you have successfully and mess-lessly made a stress ball!  and Bruin approves!!

Now let’s take this stress ball and make a sensory game!  Your challenge – choose your fillers, at least four.  With each filler, make two stress balls, so you have a total of eight, and each has a match.


I won’t tell you what is in my stress balls, it’s a guessing game 😉

This stress ball matching game is perfect to use as a fidget or focus tool!


Here are some other benefits – –

Spending time, squeezing each stress ball to try to find its match can help to soothe and release tension.

Participants can feel satisfied once they have successfully matched each pair.

After the challenge is complete, have them make another set to share or keep.

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