Creating Our Own Activity Game Board

Jessica and I have always loved playing games.  Our passion for games has definitely rubbed off on the kids!  Recently, they came up with the idea of creating their own game board.  They used the panels of the gymnastics mats that we have in our playroom, but anything can be used for this idea.  You could use yoga mats, towels, or pillows.  If played outside, sections of yard could be marked off with towels, cones, hats… you can get creative here.  If using pavement, you could use sidewalk chalk.  Each panel was labeled a different task, with both kids creating separate boards.  We have a swing in our playroom, so for the kids turn, they closed their eyes and took a swing over the game board.  Wherever they landed, they had to complete that task.  For the adults, we closed our eyes and spun around on the board, walking to a random location.  If you have an outdoor swing, you could create a game board around it, otherwise spinning your body and walking to a spot works!

C used all 8 panels of the mats and made some really interesting spots.  I made signs for each spot and printed them out:

1 – Mario and Luigi chase you (remote control cars)

2 – We kick balls at you (soft ones, 1 minute)

3 – Safe zone

4 – Do hopscotch

5 – Safe zone
6 – Do 50 jumping jacks
7 – We throw balls at you (also soft, 30 seconds)
8 – Water drinking contest









G went at it with a different approach, acting as the teacher.  She used 5 panels, and when you land on a spot she would conduct a lesson:

1 – Show and tell

2 – Phys Ed (she wrote gym, but I let it slide!)

3 – Tech

4 – Art

5 – Music

We really enjoyed playing this with them.  They were really proud of creating their own game boards, having ownership over the rules.  There are so many different creative ideas you could use for your game boards.  And for those that hate spinning, like Jessica, you could use dice to advance around the board.  You could set the amount of turns for each player, and even award points for completing tasks, lots of options!



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2 Replies to “Creating Our Own Activity Game Board”

  1. Hi Mr. O’Connor
    This is Brady Winkler I loved the backpack workout especially the marching band hit move on your backpack. I also like Kidzbop because I saw them in concert three times, I really like this game your kids made. We are going to try and make it, From Brady

  2. Hey Brady!

    Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on some of the activities that I posted. That’s really cool that you got to see Kidsbop in concert three times! Thanks for complimenting my kids game, I hope that you have fun doing your own!! If you have a chance, let me know how it goes.

    Take Care!

    Mr. O

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