Cross The Ocean Challenge

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This is one of my favorite team building lessons that we have students participate in each year.  It is a very popular activity, and I love it because it allows us to work on so many important parts of practicing good teamwork!

I have kept the scenario pretty similar over the years, but any fun story can be created for this one.  I have all of the students behind one end of the gymnasium.  I tell them that behind them is an erupting volcano, and we must escape.  The only problem is that they have to cross a giant ocean, and are unable to swim the whole length.  They have special “rocks” that they can step on to help them across. For rocks, I just use blue polyspots that we have in the equipment closet.

I put the students in four separate groups.  For round 1, I give them one extra rock than the number of total students in the group.  Rocks can be picked up, placed down, and handed to each other.  You aren’t allowed to throw or slide a rock.  If any person in the group touches the gym floor, everyone has to re-start.  Once accomplished, I make it harder by taking a rock away.  This forces students to share rocks, or some get creative by piggybacking or leaving a student behind with the idea of going back on a rescue mission.  I love watching students communicate and work together in this one.  Sometimes groups have a hard time working things out, which create good teachable moments!

This game can be played at home, with any number of people.  You can use any kind of material you have around the house for rocks, we used paper plates!  It was fun watching the kids work together to move across the kitchen.  Even Berkeley, our giant puppy, wanted to get involved!


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