Drawing Wednesday with C

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G has been making weekly face-to-face calls on Tuesdays to show a card trick to family and friends, and C wanted to be part of the action!  We talked with C about what he thinks he is good at that he could share with others and Drawing Wednesday began!

C chooses a weekly topic and then calls family and friends on our face-to-face app.  They take some time drawing together and then share their artwork.

This has been a great activity to give C a voice.  He is a little more quiet than G and not as quick to engage in conversation.  Making the phone calls and providing a topic helps him to improve his communication skills, feel more connected with family and friends, and share something that makes him feel proud of himself!  He then gets positive feedback about his artwork from family and friends to add to his sense of pride.

Week 1 Topic – Draw your favorite dinosaur

Week 2 Topic – Draw your favorite food as a character

Everyone is looking forward to what topic he comes up with next and for another chance to feel connected!

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