Focus Tools provide the body with VISUAL and/or TACTILE input.  When combined these two inputs can keep the mind and hands busy, helping to shift focus.  Visual tools can include searching books, bins, or activities or tools that are visually stimulating such as oil/water timers and glitter jars.  Tactile tools can include a variety of fidgets and manipulatives, but could also include crafting, building, or many other hobbies.  I am a huge fan of crafts, of course, and here is why;

Craft is the act of making, where the task can become intuitive making you a part of the process.  Through crafting we are able to achieve “flow”.  Flow occurs when we are so engrossed in an activity that we forget about our worries, pains, schedule, etc.  Additionally, crafting involves selecting an activity that is meaningful and purposeful.  Personal choice and preference enhance the therapeutic nature of craft making.  Allowing a participant to choose a craft gives them a sense of ownership of the task.  Once the task is complete, they feel a sense of mastery leading to improved efficacy and esteem.

FOCUS Tools of the Month:

*Top 10 Fidgets*


Kinetic Sand



Water Beads

Wacky Trax

Wikki Stix

Flow Ring

Squash It

Marble Fidget


Here are some FOCUS tools you can make yourself:

DIY Chew Necklace

Balloon Stress Balls

Halloween Themed Sensory Bin

Search Bottle

Squishy Fidget Gel Pack

Soft Simple Play Dough


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