Homemade Scoops

At my two schools, we have nice sets of scoops that we use to practice throwing and catching.  When I first started teaching, I was at a lot of schools that didn’t have any equipment.  There are plenty of activities that can be done without equipment, but when I wanted to get creative, I would make things at home.  I remember one of my first projects being a set of homemade scoops.  It takes a while to complete if you’re making them for an entire class, but if you’re making them for the family it will be a lot faster.  All you need is empty milk jugs and any kind of ball that can be tossed back and forth.  Once you clean out the milk jugs, you make a cut in the bottom and add some duct tape along the edges.  Once you have them made, you can practice your throwing and catching skills, seeing how many successful catches you can make in a row.  We mix in some defense over here, with Bruin and Berkeley attacking the ball!

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