No More Seams!

As parents, we get the occasional 😉 complaint about socks and undies just not feeling right!  But when those complaints start coming daily it might be time to find a solution.


For most of us, once we get dressed, we no longer really notice the clothes on our bodies.  We habituate to the sensation!  But for an individual with sensory sensitivities, they may not be able to habituate as easily, so they end up noticing and feeling those seams all day long!  This can cause them to feel more easily frustrated, because they are already dealing with other frustrations, or lead them to be distracted because their focus continuously shifts to the irritating seam.  Even for those that may not be considered sensory sensitive, if they are all ready dealing with other annoyances, the seam can be the thing to send them over the edge!


There are some strategies to help to alleviate some sensory sensitivities by offsetting with deep touch pressure.

Some things to try –

1. Pillow Sandwich

2. Getting dressed after a shower and burrito (wrap up tightly in a towel)

3. Massaging lotion onto skin before getting dressed


The complaints over here became so frequent, that we began searching for “seamless” socks and undies.  Many of these can be pricey if they are sold specifically for kids with sensory sensitivities.  So we began trying out some products on amazon with great reviews and found some that we love!


Both G and C complain a lot about socks.  But realistically, most of the socks made for kids are character socks.  If you take a look inside, there are so many threads to create the design.  Of course, they are uncomfortable!  So we made the switch to these crew socks and now the kids are chucking their character socks in the trash and searching through the laundry for their “seamless” socks.  These socks are not totally seamless, but very smooth and satisfying for C and G.

(affiliate link)

As far as undies, uncomfortable waistbands and elastic around the thigh are common irritants.  So little C totally loves these, very comfortable waistband and no tight elastic!  We bought one pack to try out and he just recently asked to throw away all his other undies and buy more of these!

(affiliate link)

So now that we have our seams under control, mornings are a bit easier!  One step at a time, but comfort matters!  The more comfortable these kiddos are, the more able they can handle other little frustrations that occur throughout the day.

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