Soothe tools are helpful for self-soothing and self regulation by providing the grounding and comforting DEEP TOUCH PRESSURE and PROPRIOCEPTIVE inputs.  Deep touch pressure is received through a below the surface pathway in the skin that can inhibit irritating surface layer impulses such as someone brushing up against you, wearing clothing with tags that may be irritating, completing specific ADL’s such as brushing teeth or cutting fingernails, or eating foods with a mushy consistency.  Deep touch pressure has a strong overlap with proprioception, which is the input we receive as our muscles, tendons, and joints contract and relax.  This is commonly referred to as “heavy work” or “muscle work”.  Proprioception provides our bodies with information about where we are in space as well as how much force we need to exert to complete any given task.  The more aware of our place in space and the amount of force required to participate in daily tasks, the more grounded, oriented, and organized we feel.

SOOTHE Tools of the Month

Weighted Blanket

Body Sock

Here are a few SOOTHE tool you can make on your own:

DIY Chew Necklace

Tube Sock Neck Wrap

SOOTHE Activities

Digging in the Dirt!

Pillow Sandwich


No More Seams!