Trick Tuesday – Three Pile Card Trick

Our family loves to play cards, and since we are missing that family connection right now, we thought it would be exciting to learn a card trick each week and perform it over Duo or Zoom!  I remembered doing a card trick when I was younger with piles so I searched around YouTube and ended up finding this!  It wasn’t the trick I was looking for, but it is actually easier, and G and C picked it up very quickly!

For this trick, you need 21 cards.

Call up your audience members through your favorite face-to-face app and show them the fronts and backs of the cards, then shuffle.  Once they agree you have shuffled enough, select one card and show it to them with out looking.  Say “this is your card”.

Now one at a time place the cards face up in three rows.

Point to each row and ask if their card is in that row.  Whichever row they tell you, pick that pile up second, so that pile is sandwiched between the other two.

Repeat this two more times.

Now, as you lay the cards into piles for the fourth time, their card will be the eleventh card!  Every time!  So when you get to the eleventh card, say this is your card!  And they will be amazed!!

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